Bamboo Straw + Straw Brush

Bamboo is a quick-growing, versatile, forest product whose rate of biomass generation unsurpassed by any other plants. Products made from bamboo are not only biodegradable but also very durable, attractive and last in outdoor or indoor environments. Bamboo straws are considered as an alternative to plastic straws to minimize environmental impacts and human health.

After selecting a standard bamboo tree, it will be classified according to the diameter and cut into sections with a length of 15 – 20 cm. The balls and nozzle mouth will be smoothed by abrasive paper, then clean the inside by bristle brush. The bamboo straw then will be boiled to remove any sap and residue and finally hang and tumble dry at a temperature of 120 degrees C to make sure there is no water in the straw.

To make these bamboo straw more meaningful and unique, engaving logo on the straw is also a good idea. Don't forget to bring these amazing bamboo straws for your camping trip.

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