Coconut as a decorative accessory comes as a surprise, but make no mistake, it’s extremely intriguing and exotic.

Coconut shells are an industry by-product and instead of letting them get burnt in furnaces, we have transformed them into usable materials

WE – COCONUT PRODUCT IMPORT EXPORT COMPANY LIMITED- CPIMEX with COCO-ECO brand specializes in producing and supplying coconut products and ecofriendly products. With slogan, GO GREEN WITH US, we are bringing customers suitable and high quality ecofriendly products.

We assure to satisfy all your requests, from simple to sophisticated and skillful products, from bulk packing to luxury gift packing.

Now and Future, we always improve and develop to make more and more good products. Going along with CPIMEX, OUR EARTH will be GREENER.

Welcome your cooperation with us !