1. Grass straws are affordable

Because the materials are available in nature, the price of grass straws is very affordable, much cheaper than other types of straws such as bamboo straws, plastic, stainless steel, glass,…
In particular, when using large quantities of grass straws for restaurants, cafes, milk tea shops, etc., you will save significant costs.

2. Keeps the full flavor of the drink

Grass straws do not take away the flavor of the drink. A small study in Vietnam with 200 people comparing plastic straws and biological straws when drinking cocktails showed: 82% of survey respondents rated biological straws as making the drink taste better.

3. Protect human health

Plastic straws are especially dangerous for human health because toxic substances can enter food and drinks, especially hot drinks. Therefore, grass straws (disposable) are widely used because they do not cause any negative effects on health because they are produced entirely from nature and do not contain chemicals.

4. Protect the environment from wastewater pollution

Using biodegradable straws will be a great thing to contribute to protecting the ocean environment. Grass straws help eliminate dangers to animals, do not destroy the marine ecosystem,…

5. Insoluble in water and self-decomposes in a short time

This is considered the most outstanding advantage of grass straws compared to other types of straws. If paper straws and starch straws (rice straws) are soaked in water for a period of time, they will soften and dissolve or crack. Meanwhile, grass straws do not dissolve in water.

In short, grass straws are an environmentally friendly choice because they are biodegradable. Using grass straws helps us maintain the green color of the Earth, limiting negative impacts on the habitat of millions of creatures on the planet.

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