Amazing uses of loofah that you may not know

1. Make dishwashing pads
Loofah used to make dishwashing pads is quite common in some parts of the world today. Loofah dishwashing pads are both soft and light and create a lot of foam to help you save dishwashing liquid very well.

Besides, the interwoven silk fibers of it help dislodge grease stains quickly.

2. Make a bath sponge
Recently, supermarkets have quite a lot of bath products made from loofah. It contains glycerine, a moisturizing ingredient, and vitamin E from it penetrates the skin during the shower, helping to soften the skin.

The silk fibers of the loofah help to exfoliate dead cells, reduce wrinkles and stimulate blood circulation in the skin.

3. Make face wash
Currently, loofah face wash is very popular with women. Similar to the use of bath sponges, it helps to clean the face better and exfoliate better.

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