Handicrafts made from coconut shells

Coconut tree is very familiar and useful to human life. Almost all parts of the plant are useful such as making houses, making handicrafts, household items such as chopsticks, tables, shelves, weaving carpets, …

In addition, coconut is also a relatively abundant fruit tree, so it has considerable economic value. Today we will introduce to you some handicraft products made from coconut shells.

1. Coconut Shell Bowl

First, it is impossible not to mention the bowls made from coconut shells that are very popular in the world such as coconut plain bowl, coconut design bowl, coconut lacquer bowl. They are all made from the main material is coconut shell. Through the skillful hands of artisans, they have been born with designs ranging from the simplest to the most unique. It is an extremely environmentally friendly product and safe for human health.

Coconut shell design bowl
Coconut shell design bowl
Coconut lacquer bowl



2. Coconut Scented Candle

Coconut shells are also used to make candles. Candles made from coconut shells are a very popular product in the world. Coconut shells used to make candles will be covered with many layers of waterproofing to help prevent the candle from leaking to the outside.















3. Coconut Shell Soap Holder

From the coconut shell, artisans have also produced soap trays with various shapes.








4. Coconut Shell Dish

Produced from natural coconut shells, the dish is environmentally friendly because after it is no longer used, the waste from the flower dipper dish will decompose like organic waste, without polluting the environment.
Do not use paints or harmful chemicals, the gloss of the dish is created by the coconut oil coating on the surface, ensuring the aesthetics of the product but safe for the health of the user.













5. Coconut Shell Cup

From a simple coconut shell through the skillful hands of a craftsman, they have created extremely unique coconut shell cups. It is used as a drinking wine, eating ice cream, water, …













6. Coconut Shell Bag

In addition to everyday household items, coconut shells are also made into extremely beautiful coconut bags for ladies.


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