Interesting facts about coconuts

Coconut is the fruit of a tree species in the family Arecaceae. The mature coconut tree can be up to 30m tall, the leaves are long and saggy, when the old leaves turn brown and fall off, leaving scars on the trunk.

We can completely see the image of it everywhere in Vietnam, especially in the Mekong Delta. This is a land with soil that is extremely suitable for coconuts.

Not only using the fruit, but all parts of the tree are applied in life such as: Coconut leaves and flowers of coconut trees are used to decorate the flower gate on the wedding day. In addition, the leaves of the tree are also used to wrap cakes.

On average, each coconut stall is about 15-20 fruits. Coconut body for making handicrafts, copra and coconut water for food, contain a lot of nutrients.


Until now, the origin of the coconut tree is still controversial, some scholars believe that coconuts come from Southeast Asia, at the same time, some argue that they originate from northwestern South America.

Some fossil specimens found in New Zealand date back to about 15 million years ago. Or some fossils from Rajasthan and Maharashtra, India, are even older.

Perhaps thanks to the fact that the fruit is light and floating on the water, they can float anywhere. So when it washed up on land, it started to grow there. It is because of this point that its origin is still unknown.

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