Coconut fiber net mats are made from natural coconut fiber with many different uses for lining roads, bare hills, beaches, river banks, anti-slip garden lining, anti-erosion, anti-bank erosion, anti-slip mats. seepage and cover pots to limit grass in landscape works. Besides, coconut net mats are also used as a sunshade for yards, gardens,...

Our coconut net mats are braided with completely natural coconut fiber fibers, which are extremely environmentally friendly and also very sustainable. With a variety of sizes depending on your needs, we can adjust different sizes. Besides, this mesh mat is also hung by sturdy hooks as shown below.


With many years of export experience, Coco – Eco always accompanies customers throughout the delivery and after-sales process. We look forward to long-term cooperation, mutual benefits, and mutual development. Let us know your product needs and we will advise on the most suitable processing.