Coconut shell bowl is a by- product of the exploitation and production of food from the
coconut. They are made by skillful artisansin Ben Tre – the Capital of Coconut in Vietnam.
As a natural product, each bowl is unique with it's own shape and colors!
This product offers a simple way to reshape our dining experience. So what to serve in it?
It is perfect for cereal, fruit salad, breakfast smoothie, rice, ramen, soup, noodles, pasta,
desserts, popcorn, ice cream and more! Let’s bring coconut bowls along with coconut
spoon and fork to your wonderful picnic, it is an ideal set in a party.
Our coconut bowls are eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable, and chemical free
items which help reduce waste and help environment stay pure. At the end of their
lifetime, coconut bowls return to nature where they came from, closing the coconut loop.
They deserve to be loved and spreaded for what they are doing!

COCONUT  BOWL is made from coconut shells, It is a by-product after we get coconut water and meat.

The coconut bowl is an awesome tool for an eco-sustainable lifestyle. Made entirely from coconut shells, they’re 100% natural,
bio-degradable, compostable such as you ‘re doing an awesome gesture for the environment. It will make all your culinary creations.
It’s sturdy, long lasting and resistant.
The company has an awesome sustainability project in which for each order made on their website, a bowl is set aside. Later, all those put aside will be given to an event, a café, restaurant.. in order to replace plastic plates and cutlery.

We can make COCONUT BOWL as customer’s requirements. There are various designs from natural bowl to decor bowl 

We can make packing as customer’s requirements, for example, bulk package, retails package, Amazon package

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