Slogan “Make your bathroom greener l with Eco-soap holder “

These soap holders are all hand made, elegant and useful for every shower or bath. They look very natural and they are perfect to protect and keep the soap dry and clean.

These cute little soap dishes are carved from coconut shell, with a series of small holes on the bottom to assist drainage. They come in many shapes - leaf and flower and so on .There are variety designs in various shapes and they all have holes to let the liquids pass through so the soap doesn't stay wet.

It's a beautiful decoration for every home or as a present to a friend as it's organic and doesn't leave any trace in the environment.

COCONUT SOAP HOLDER is used to keep the soap but you can use to put any thing to decor

We have a wide range of this items like flower, leaf, fish, rectange, square… or we can make as your designs.

Some of customers use to put soap or candle or others, it make your design be better

Welcome to CPIMEX to have a good collection

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