Coconut Shell Tiles Panel

Coconut as a decorative accessory comes as a surprise, but make no mistake, it’s extremely intriguing and exotic.

Coconut shells are an industry by-product and instead of letting them get burnt in furnaces, we have transformed them into usable materials and crafted our range of highly decorative and inspirational coconut wall panels.

Featuring an exotic grace and exuding warmth and tropical flair, these decorative wall panels are easygoing and natural and brings a wonderfully relaxed ambiance in the home or office décor.

With its amazingly elegant shades of brown, these panels emanate a wonderful sense of calm and sophistication and create a stunning visual aesthetic

Coconut is one of the things which stands out in the tropics and these wall panels are perfect tropical romance

Coconut Shell Tiles Panel is made from coconut shell 100% natural. With a lot of coconut shell pieces, we make a various designs of wall panel

You also send design to us, we will make it happen