Slogan: “Breakfast Is Better With Coconut Bowls And Coconut Wooden Cutlery”

Saying goodbye plastic cutlery! This stylish cutlery set is perfect for on-the-go.  Each set is made from a single piece of upcycled coconut wood without the need for any harmful pesticide or glues and look absolutely beautiful. Use it at home or bring it with you when you travel. They are reusable, 100% natural, and organic & are handmade by skilled artisans in Vietnam!

Love having picnics and getting takeaways, but hate the plastic utensils? Keep this essential lightweight cutlery pack in your bag or car so you always have a set ready to go. We’ve made it easy for you to carry your reusable utensils & include a natural bag in order to conveniently store your portable cutlery set

It's an easy swap for disposable plastic cutlery, and also makes a lovely gift for anyone seeking to cut down on single use plastic.

These organic coconut cutlery set includes a fork, spoon and knife, each utensil is hand burnished to a naturally-smooth finish. Refined with organic virgin coconut oil to help the cutlery look their best.

Coconut wood is extremely hard wearing, heat resistant and doesn't easily absorb moisture making a great choice for cutlery!

Coconut wooden cutlery is included a coconut wooden spoon, coconut wooden fork, coconut wooden knife, coconut wooden chopstick. They are handicraft with 100% natural 


Coconut wooden cutlery with coconut shell bowl is best selling product which bring the safety for our the planet

We also make the cutlery set for traveling so you can enjoy your trip with the natural eco-friendly product. Everywhere and everywhen we also can protect our environment