A beautifully Coco Wood Cooking Utensil.

A variety of kitchen utensils made from the wood of coconut shells. The wood is shaped into the form of the utensil required and sanded to a very smooth surface. Some of the most common coconut tools made are ladles, spatulas, slotted spoons, perforated spoons, and salad servers. The utensils work well for Asian food preparation and serving of rice dishes, stir-fried foods and numerous other food items.


These utensils are suitable for use in all types of cooking and will not absorb heat when tasting. The smooth coconut wood is gentle on pans.

As well as looking attractive they are also practical and sustainable. The wood is from the coconut with a beautiful natural pattern. The wood is hard wearing.

Wash by hand and dry thoroughly. The utensils will benefit from having a cooking oil rubbed into them regularly to help it regain its natural texture


It is made from coconut wooden, 100% naturally

We have a lot of designs for this product or we can make as customer’s requirements

Bring eco friendly products to your kitchen !