Coconut rice is made from shredded coconut with different sizes, has a sweet taste and natural white color, making it easy to use in cooking, baking, etc. The flesh of the coconut is grated, defatting and drying by modern technology. Finally, the product is sterilized and packaged according to food safety and hygiene standards.

Desiccated coconut is produced from clean coconut products, processed from 100% natural fresh copra, so it is very safe for users’ health. Desiccated coconut is suitable for processing, decorating some dishes or making cakes.

To be able to meet the needs of everyone, we have launched desiccated coconut with different sizes and fat levels as follows:

First, this is fine grade. For this size, we have both low fat and high fat depending on the purpose and needs of each customer.



























And this is the medium grade and high fat.



























In addition, we also have fibrous desiccated coconut. It is often used in baking or in food processing.