The unique designs of panels made from coconut shells

Coconut is one of the crops that is grown a lot and is loved by many Vietnamese people. With strong growth ability and each part of the tree has high applicability. Coconut is one of the plants that brings many benefits to humans.

In architecture or design, products made from coconut such as coconut wood, coconut fiber, and coconut leaves are used. Today, we would also like to introduce to you another product made from coconut, coconut shell panels.

Coconut shell panels is a material made entirely from natural coconut. Using delicate manual cutting technology, dried coconuts will be chopped, shaped and reassembled to form a mosaic of different sizes.

Coconut shell tiles have a natural decorative style, bringing a feeling of closeness and familiarity. Raw, traditional beauty mixed with unique spaces will be the highlight of your home.

Next, let’s take a look at some pictures of our products.