Types of environmental protection straws you may not know

Today, the earth is gradually warming and the amount of plastic waste in the environment is extremely large. Understanding the importance of the environment, we have created straws made from nature that you can replace plastic straws. Let’s find out the following types of natural straws with us.

          1. Bamboo straws

Bamboo straws have a hard body, so the durability is also very good. The lifespan of a bamboo straw depends on how you store it, when the straw shows signs of fading or getting old, return it to nature.
The strength of this type is that it can be reused many times instead of using it once and then “throwing it away” like other biological straws.

          2. Coconut straws

This is a disposable straw and is manufactured 100% from coconut water which is extremely unique, safe, durable, used for drinking all day without disintegrating in water as quickly as a paper straw.

          3. Grass straws

Grass straws are made from very hard grass even in hot or cold water, not deformed. Very suitable as a straw for both cold drinks or hot drinks, overcoming the disadvantages of paper straws.
For the safety of users, we have been very careful and strictly inspected from the source of the selected raw materials to the processing stage. The product is odorless so it will not lose the taste of the drink. In addition, grass straws are also very light, capable of self-degradation, contributing to reducing plastic waste into the environment.

          4. Rice straws

The straw is made with rice flour, when drinking in water for about 30 to 60 minutes, the tube will be flexible. Now, instead of throwing it away, you can completely “eat a straw”. This is also one of the things that many people like about this type of straw is that it can be eaten instead of throwing it in the trash. The shelf life of this straw is about 3 months, which is relatively long, but in fact, because it is made from rice flour, there will be a mold phenomenon if you do not store it carefully.

Above are some types of straws made from nature that we provide. Each type will have its own advantages and disadvantages. However, overall, these are all extremely good options for your health. Using straws made from natural materials, not only contributes to protecting the environment, but this is also how you protect your own health.

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