Why we use coco bowl ?

Why we use coco bowl ?

Why we use coco bowl ?

Nowaday, in order to protect our environment, ocean, planet to the destroy all most of us is focusing on the biodegradable natural products which can be make from wood, leaf, grass…

Among of those materials, coconut shell and coconut wood are the best choice, so the reason why:

–          Coconut shell is a by-product after we use meat to eat, water to drink. Instead of buring the shell as fuel we create a bowl, a spoon and other kitchenware, tableware

–          Coconut Tree is planted by farmers to get the coconut meat and water so that is a sustainable product not effect to forest and environment

–          After using a coconut bowl or coconut spoon , we can put in garden and they will be destroy and save the environment

–          It is totally natural with oiled outside so safe for human consumption

Above are some of  reason we can use a coconut bowl

Let’s try with those products you will feel relax, safe and live in a green life

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