Wooden Coffee Stick for Dogs to Chew Helps Clean Teeth Naturally and Safely with Export Standard

The Dog Chew Bar is made from sturdy, sturdy selected coffee wood. The product is ground and polished, creating a smooth and smooth surface that helps retain the natural coffee wood scent that is extremely loved by cats and dogs. Made from 100% natural coffee wood without chemicals, safe for dogs to play and chew, can be swallowed and digested, does not cause irritation or allergies.
The products sold at our company are also the products we have been exporting to US and European markets such as Canada, Germany, and France for many years.

– Let dogs/cats chew to help clean teeth and tongue, limit tartar plaque and reduce bad breath for pets.
– Grind your dog’s teeth.
– Stimulates taste buds to make eating more delicious, keeps teeth strong, and provides positive energy for your pet.
– Helps pets entertain and reduce stress.

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