Different Ways to Use Coconut Shell Bowls

Different Ways to Use Coconut Shell Bowls

We would like to share with all of you some different ways you can use with coconut shell bowls

  1. Kitchenware : Coconut shell bowls is polished by coconut oil so it is totally natural and safe for using. You can use coconut shell bowl to serve snacks, fruits, salad, smoothy…

2. Planter pots : The shells are the perfect size for a small plant or potted herb to thrive in a windowsill or on a balcony. You can use for plant flowers, cactus, some small plant. They will make your living more green.

3. Candles : coconut shell bowls are the perfect holders to make your candles more vintage. You can buy wax, wich, natural scents to make your candles by yourself. Or let’s contact us to get the perfect coconut candle holders with the waterproof

4. Decoration : Coconut shell bowls with more colors or you can do it by yourself. They can be used for holding pen/ruler… and put on your desk, holding spoon/fork/knife … and put on your kitchen table or just use to decor on your house wall…

5. Bird Feeders: Coconut shells make perfect bird feeders. Drill a couple of holes at the top of the shell and string or rope for a hanging feeder, or place the shell on a window ledge and fill it with birdseed to attract feathered friends all year long

Let’s try some coconut  bowls and make your own  imagination to become unlimited.

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