Some products are environmentally friendly

Sustainable lifestyle is not a new concept in many advanced countries. Simply put, a sustainable lifestyle is to minimize the use of natural resources to serve personal needs, while ensuring that we can compensate for the resources we have just used.
Protecting the environment, limiting the use of disposable products or using detergents with chemical ingredients is also part of a sustainable lifestyle.
Let’s explore some of the following environmentally friendly products:
1. Coconut products:
Taking advantage of the advantages of the coconut tree, people have created products such as household appliances, decorative paintings, planting… made from parts of the coconut tree. These products are gradually replacing household appliances in some families. Some special products are made from coconut such as: planting mats, outdoor mats, kitchen utensils,…

2. Bamboo products:
Bamboo is a fast-growing plant, so it is used to create many other unique products such as tables and chairs, kitchen utensils, house construction…


3. Products from water hyacinth:
Vietnamese people have taken advantage of soft water hyacinth plants to create extremely unique products such as bags, clothes baskets, chairs…

In addition to the products mentioned above, there are still countless other natural products. Using these products to replace plastic products will greatly contribute to environmental protection. Join us in living a sustainable lifestyle.

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