Coconut straws were born as a new solution to replace plastic straws to improve our living environment in the face of increasing plastic waste. Coconut straws are products made from 100% environmentally friendly fermented coconut water. Therefore, coconut straws have the ability to completely decompose in a short time after being discharged into the natural environment. This has played a big part in reducing the amount of non-biodegradable plastic waste. In addition, used coconut straws can become bio-compost that brings many nutrients to the soil and plants.

In order to be able to bring to the market a product of the best quality coconut straws, each technical and technological stage used in the production process is always guaranteed by Coco – Eco in terms of safety and hygiene. Here are the specific stages of the production process of Coco – Eco coconut straws:

Step 1: Select and prepare ingredients

Coconut water is the main raw material for the production of coconut straws. At this stage, raw materials will be carefully selected to bring the best finished product.

Step 2: Clean and disinfect coconut water

After the selection of raw materials, coconut water will be cleaned and disinfected, ensuring the best hygienic quality for the product.

Step 3: Cool the coconut water at room temperature

Coconut water after removing all impurities will be cooled at room temperature to prepare for fermentation.

Step 4: Natural fermentation

During this period, coconut water will be naturally fermented, forming layers of scum with good elasticity and toughness.

Step 5: Clean the scum from fermented coconut water

The layers of scum created from fermented coconut water will be cleaned to prepare for the straw forming process.

Step 6: Shape the straw

Straws made from coconut water will be shaped into segments of equal size and length, suitable for use with all types of drinks.

Step 7: Use the latest drying technology

After successful shaping, coconut straws will go through the drying stage with modern technological equipment. This process helps disinfect and will determine the durability and quality of the finished product.

Step 8: Pack the product and put it on the market

After completing the drying process, coconut straws products will be thoroughly checked in terms of design, size and quality when used. Quality products will be packaged and put on the market.

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