The benefits of using a coconut shell bowl

The benefits of using a coconut shell bowl

The bowl of coconut shells for food brings many effects and benefits to users:

– Coconut shell bowl made of natural bamboo material, safe, not harmful to health.

– The main component of coconut shell is fiber, so it is biodegradable when not in use, contributing to protecting the living environment.

– The product is easy to wash with dishwashing liquid and clean water, dry before storing in the cabinet.

– Reduce the use of plastic and porcelain products, contributing to green environment protection.

– Safe for children because it is durable, less broken than porcelain bowls.

– The bowl of coconut shells has the effect of stimulating the taste buds, transmitting natural energy, and the refreshing spirit of tropical coconut trees.

– Using coconut shell bowl is to contribute to preserving and promoting the traditional handicraft village of the homeland. Create jobs, stable income, help many people’s life better.

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